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In recent times, website have become very common and most businesses have adopted the usage of websites for their day to day activities and in order to reach out to their audience. With the increasing rate of websites, ensuring security for your website is also very important. Website security is a very important part to be considered in order to securely protect websites and their servers. Vulnerabilities and malwares are scanned for from time to time on the website by website security softwares in order to notify the user of any issue with the website.

There are some very vital features of a good website security plan which should be available if you want your website to be safe from malwares and possible threats.

  • SSL certificate

SSL is an intricate part of our secure internet –to some people, it is referred to as the backbone. It helps protect very vital and sensitive information as it glides across several computer networks. When you consider protection of your website, you should think of SSL. It helps to provide data integrity, provision of privacy and also critical security for the user’s personal information and also the website. SSL provides trust for your website and is a requirement for Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

  • Anti-spam

Also your website security should be anti-spam. Spam is very rampant nowadays on the internet and many websites have suffered from this plight. Ensuring your website is anti-spam will help you focus on the important things.

  • Malware removal

A very essential part of website security is the ability to remove malware. Malware is not good for neither the computer nor the websites. Hackers have devised several evil means and used malwares against people through their websites in other to carry out their evil deeds. It has been noticed that most of the suspicious or unwanted activities that takes place on websites and servers are as a result of malwares. Website security should be equipped in order to properly check and combat malware from the website.

  • Blacklist monitoring & removal

Blacklist monitoring and the removal is another very important part to look out for in the security of your website. A website can lose almost 95% of their traffic if it is being blacklisted and this will have a very negative effect. In order to avoid this, your website security should be able to monitor the site for blacklisting and also help in the removal in case google blacklists it.

  • Content Delivery Network

Websites are secured using content delivery network. CDN is a very key part to ensure security  against attacks. Without a functional CDN system, there is a big possibility for your network conditions to be saturated through DDoS attacks. Your users might experience a reduced response rate and also unavailability of services in some cases as a result of Inactive content delivery network. It is very important to always ensure your website security is top notch to save yourself from the diverse hazards you face on the internet.