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In 2021, videos were more important and interactive as a means of producing content. A customer is ten times more likely to click on the videos than to read a word document. Videos are also easier to rank on the first page of Google and Facebook when you are using video on your website. Data shows that if you have a video on your landing page, it’s come to increase your conversion by at least 80% web for this is a very significant amount of links that you do not wish to miss out on.

It is therefore very important that you create videos that are interesting and eyecatching. The video must contain the text of what is being said as 80% of Videos on Facebook are played without any sound. The best videos should not be longer than two minutes, as statistics show that user engagement drops sharply after the 2-minute mark. The trend for videos has been increasing dramatically every year and will continue to be an important way for people to find information about their search easily.

What You Will Get With Our Promotional Video

Whiteboard & Animated Explainers

Make it easy for your audience to understand with whiteboard & animated explainer videos. We can create a customized explainer video for your business, product, or service. The video is produced according to your needs which will fully replicate your brand.

The Video will also include:

  • Background Music
  • Unlimited revisions till you are fully satisfied.
  • All videos are delivered in 1080p HD, mp4.
  • Add Intro/Outro
  • Sound Effects