SEO Checklist 2019

2019 is a year to upgrade everything, and this includes your website SEO. In order to attract the attention of your target audience to your website, you need to ensure that you continuously upgrade the Search Engine Optimization for your site. A checklist which contains all the steps and tricks you need to help boost your SEO for the year 2019 include:

  • Research

SEO is constantly changing and evolving. In order to ensure you are properly optimizing your webpage, it is vital that you research SERP first. Type in your desired keyword into Google; Google will show you its top results. From there, you can access what those websites are doing right with their SEO and initiate it into yours.

  • Choose the right keywords

SEO works a lot with keywords. For your 2019 SEO checklist, it is crucial that you get the right tools which can help you select the right keywords for your site. Also unlike in the previous years, do not pay full attention only to tools. Understand your target audience and the kind of keywords they would be typing into google. When you come up with good keywords, you can proceed to access them with your tools.

  • Choose good title tags

Title tags are very important for search engine optimization. This is because they often have keywords of the page content. If your title tag is unambiguous and neatly put, you can be certain that when your audience searches for your keywords, Google will suggest your website to them. So for better SEO, it is important that you include keywords two or more times in the title tag.

  • Make URL brief

It is important to understand that Google would rather rank web pages with short URLs over web pages with long URLs. So when making a URL for your website, it is important for it to be shorter and easier to understand. If you already have a long-existing URL, you can make it shorter in this coming year to attract traffic to your website.

  • Relevant Content 

Apart from meta-tags, meta-descriptions and keyword placement, relevant content should be the most important thing on your SEO checklist for 2019. Upgrade your content. When your site offers good content, your site traffic will definitely grow. After attracting your audience to your site with good SEO, good content will keep them and keep bringing them back. This will definitely increase your ranking on search engines.

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