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Our Pay Per Click Management is designed to provide immediate results and quick returns on your online marketing campaigns. We provide your business with a tailor-fit strategy that drives the right click to the right ad at the right time.

Awesome Things

About Per Per Click

  • Free landing page analysis, daily performance monitoring, reporting, PPC dashboard integration, and Project Manager consultation

  • Ad grouping and ad text creation

  • Landing page optimization and set-up

  • Google My Business optimization (if needed)

  • Ads on Map search (if needed)

  • Graphics ads creation

  • Ads extensions

  • Search campaign set-up and management

  • Google Display Network and Retargeting


Pay Per Click Management helps businesses by driving clients through the steps in the customer’s path to purchase.


Intent-driven moments are shaping the customer journey. When these moments happen, your need to be right where customers can find you. Pay Per Click helps you get as much exposure as possible during these micro-moments, which drives awareness to your customers.


Creating text ads, graphics ads, and landing pages drive high consideration for the services you offer. Optimizing the right ads with the appropriate landing pages provides customers with a clear message about your business and prompts them into making purchasing decisions.


Effective ad messaging can increase leads that convert into sales. Pay Per Click management combines quick turnaround time and cost-effectiveness to provide your business with measurable, instant results.


Immediate Results

Pay Per Click is the fastest way to get results for your online marketing efforts. Unlike in Organic search, your website can appear on the first page of search results in hours and get instant traffic.

More Exposure To Target Customers

Whether you’re looking to increase leads or get customers to call your business, PPC makes it easier for customers to find your business on search results, Google Maps, and Display Network.

Show Your Business's Clear Value Proposition

Use ads to highlight your unique selling proposition – whether it’s a limited-time offer, a product promotion, or a discount. Pay Per Click ads makes it easier to get your message across to your target audience.

Granular Targeting

Customize your ads by audience type, device preference, location targeting, and ad scheduling to reach the right customers at the right time.

Control Your Budget

Pay Per Click offers a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. You can set your budget for the campaign to suit your business goals. With efficient campaign management, you can drive down costs and maximize your ad spend to get the best results.

Conversion Tracking

Google AdWords shows you which ads are driving the best value when it comes to customer activity or conversions – sign-ups, purchases, app downloads, or calls direct from your ads. This helps in making informed decisions on ad spend.


Keyword Research

We understand your business and industry to select the best keywords that drive relevant traffic. Our PPC specialists analyze your competition and research your customers to ensure you’re targeting the right keywords for your ads.

Adwords Campaign Set-up

Our PPC specialists will set up your ad account with the right ad groups structure. We then establish the optimal initial bids using our own internal bidding algorithm and industry baseline research

Conversion Tracking Set-up

We report actual business results. We provide conversion tracking that focuses on the campaign’s positive impact on the business—not just on impressions, clicks, or traffic.

Ad Creation

We match the right ad to the right audience. Each ad text and graphic is created and tested to target high-intent customers.

Persistent Optimization

We test, monitor, and optimize every ad to get the best results. Our specialists monitor and adjust your bids to maximize your ad spend.

Reporting and Analysis

Reports are sent weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. We show what matters to your business

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