In recent times, electronic mailing platform has been really advantageous and has helped a great number pass information across to each other through the mailing platform. Many popular mail giants have taken over the electronic mailing market such as Google mail and yahoo mail –they have been widely used by several individuals and businesses. The business world approaches social media and email in different dimensions. The way and manner in which an individual picks up a name for their social media account differ from the way a business handles theirs –in like manner, every business requires a serious approach when they take on names for their emails.

Businesses use emails to reach out to their customers, pass out newsletters and several other bonanzas –using Gmail and Yahoo mail can further portray your business to your customers in a less professional way. I personally appreciate when I see a business email rather the usual popular email services used by individuals –it shows that the business has taken specific time in order to ensure excellence in all they do. If your business has not yet utilized the professional mailing platform yet with the use of domain emails then you might be missing out on a lot of business opportunities.

Domain emails for business can simply be said as emails that are coined using the name of a brand. An example of a domain email is [email protected] rather than [email protected] –you will agree with me that the first one looks more professional.

Some of the importance of domain emails are listed below.

  • Reduce the risk of being seen as spam

Lots of emails are been sent to people on a regular basis and this makes it difficult to differentiate authentic emails from the spammers. When you make use of branded domain names, you can be assured to drastically reduce the risk of your customers or prospective customers from seeing you as spam. Some spam and malware filters automatically send emails from casual mail addresses to spam or junk folder. Ability to have a domain email reduces the risk of all the above.

  • Increases credibility and professionalism

Every business needs professionalism as this determines the way a business will be perceived by customers. The order of the day nowadays is a complaint of scam in every nook and cranny. Having a dedicated domain name helps you look more professional and increases credibility –people find it much easier trusting brands with domain emails rather than regular mails.

  • It gives the perfect first impression

No better way for a perfect first impression other than having a professional looking domain email that speaks about the brand. It has been observed that the way people perceive branded emails on their first note with a business goes a long way in how they perceive and patronize the business. The first impression is very important and as such, domain emails should be taken with a more serious attitude.

  • It’s not expensive and easy to set up

Majority of people don’t get to delve into the regular and popular emails because they believe it is expensive and difficult to set up. Unlike popular belief, domain emails are less expensive and very easy to set up.

Getting a domain email is very important in the business world and in order for your customers to perceive you as a serious and professional brand, you should avoid the use of casual mail names.

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