How to Keep Google Searchers Longer on your Page.

One may ask the need to keep Google searchers on your page for a long time. The answer is quite simple! Google makes use of a ranking factor to monitor search engine optimization which is called the User experience signal. This ranking factor is based on the duration of time a searcher remains on your page. A researcher staying longer on your page implies that they get the appropriate result they need for the question asked, making the work/your page more relevant.

In Steve Levy’s book titled ‘IN THE PLEX’, he stated that on the basic level, Google could see how satisfied users were. The satisfaction of Google users can be estimated by the duration of time spent on the page.

For every webpage, article or write up, the ultimate goal is to attain maximum visibility on search engines. One of the ways to achieve this is to ensure that Google users are kept on your page for a long time instead of hitting the exit button as soon as they open the page.

Steps to take in order to keep Google searchers on your page for a long time.

Usually, it takes a very short time to convince a searcher whether or not to click the exit button. For a Google searcher to explore the content of your page, there are some things the page has to possess.

  • Firstly, the page has to contain good content. It is pertinent to have articles containing unique content, information that is useful and related to the search text.
  • Long Verbose content is a turn-off for a lot of searches. Most persons do not want to go through the stress of scrolling through a large number of pages, just to get the information needed. It’s pertinent to keep the content short and straight to the point, there is no need to beat around the bush.
  • In cases where the information to be related has to be long, try not to keep your readers bored, you can always spice up your work with ‘bucket bridges’ also called ‘grease-slide’ words. These words have a way of keeping readers glued to a write-up and also linking sentences and paragraphs. Some bucket bridges include
  • The best part…
  • That’s not all…
  • As if that’s not enough
  • It gets better.
  • What does this matter
  • Yes, you read that right!
  • How can you beat that

There are so many more of these grease slide words that can make the reader want to stick around for a while to explore the content.

  • Sectioning the write-up into subheadings. Having benefit driven subheading and not the regular random ones gives the page a more appealing look at first glance to the searcher.
  • Applying the APP formula. This formula means the agree, promise and preview. At first, when a searcher opens a page, the initial write up should agree with and understand the searcher’s problem, then offer an assurance that your content can solve their problem and finally, go straight to the point and explain your solutions.


Following the above steps will go a long way in order to help google searchers stay longer on your page. Now your page can rank better and also provide the required results to your targeted audience.

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