How to Get High Google Ranking

Have you been finding it difficult to get high Google rankings on your articles, webpages and blog posts? Most times, it could be really challenging to get good google rankings on your posts. To get past this, you would need a few tips and reevaluation of your write-ups.

The steps you take in order to get your write-ups from being low on the google ranking to being high are very important.

Below are some vital steps to help you rank higher on Google.

1. Employ the use of backlinks.

Using backlinks in your write-ups gives a higher chance of attaining that high google rank you desire. Backlinks link your webpage to other pages –the higher the number of backlinks on your page, the higher that page goes on google ranking. In search engine optimization, the use of backlinks alone doesn’t score your article the best Google rank, the backlinks used must be relevant to the article in question and they must be high-quality backlinks. Using low-quality backlinks are to a greater disadvantage. Backlinks produce faster indexing and referral traffic. Getting backlinks from other pages gives a high google ranking.

   How to get quality backlinks

  • Quality content attracts good backlinks, do original studies for your write-ups, write competitive content
  • Guest blogging
  • Submit your work to web directories.
  • Comment on other blog posts.

2. Unique content

In any write-up, the relevance and uniqueness of its content matters a lot. Google aims at delivering its users with relevant search results and poor content on any article gets the worst in google ranking. The content of your write-ups should be updated regularly.

3.Website structure.

It’s important to have a good website structure and a quality informational architecture. It’s of a greater advantage if users of your webpage find it easier to navigate through your webpage, the usability of your page is also a determining factor in Google ranking. Continuous improvement on your webpage is key to achieving a better google ranking.

4.Use of keyword.

Increased usage of keywords is a way to ensure search engine optimization. The increased appearance of a keyword in a write up increases its Google ranking. Although this does not always produce the best result, it contributes to getting a good rank in search engines

Using a new Google ranking factor, which is the user experience signal –the longer people who visit your page remain on the page the higher your page can rank on google. Keeping people on your page means that the content of the page gives the result to what they searched for. In order to keep people longer on your page to score a better Google rank,

  • The content has to be meaningful, you don’t have to trade search engine optimization for a good content.
  • It’s necessary to avoid write-ups that are voluminous –they just make the reader bored and quickly hit the back button
  • Break the work into important and catchy subheadings.

Attaining Search engine optimization and increasing your visibility on the web, may not always happen in a jiffy, it could take some time. John Mueller, a Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google has attested to this –he stated that the search engine’s algorithm has to carry out a re-evaluation of your entire site after changes have been implemented before ranking.

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