SEOIn recent times, it has been noticed that lots of people are faced with the great issue of ranking their sites through the right keywords. Ranking your site with the right keywords can go a long way in order to help you earn massive income and increase the return on investment of your site. Ranking of keywords is a very important key in Online Marketing.

Having the right keywords ranked on your site can help you drive more traffic than your competitor market and also help you reach your financial goals within a short time. With the right keywords, you can appear on page one in Google and that will go a long way to boost your business and visibility.

There are several tips that can be helpful when you want to get the right keywords in order to help you rank on google and they are listed below.

  1. Put your competitor URL in SEMrush

SEMRUSH shows you the most popular pages that your competitors are getting traffic for and this could put you in the right line so you know what to do. If your competitor is getting high traffic, the traffic is probably converting into leads and sales and this will be a big advantage for them over you. Put those pages found on AHrefs as AHrefs will show you how many links each of those pages have and building links can be really difficult.

In order to save time and avoid stress, look for the most popular pages that have the least amount of links –focus on the pages first as they will give you an idea of all the keywords your competitor is ranking for when they don’t have internal backlinks. With the idea of this, you would know which keywords to be targeting first when next you are creating content.

  1. Use Google Search Console

Now so many people ignore this tool. Google is an awesome platform providing a tool which helps you rank. It breaks down your rankings, the keywords your pages are getting traffic for and shows exactly where you are ranking. Using the search analytics, it will show you the impressions that you are getting for keywords for which you are at page one. The good part about google search console is that you rank for a lot of long-tail keywords that drive traffic at the bottom of page one. Such keywords will help you rank, increase traffic, and boost sales.

  1. Use Google Trends

This is another amazing app from google. It breaks down keyword traffic from web, images and also shows the keywords that are popular in your niche and those that will rank. It will also show you keywords that are not yet popular but are climbing –all you need to do is maximize these keywords properly and once they are popular your page will be ranking. 

Ranking your site with the right keywords doesn’t have to be an issue anymore as with the above tips, you are sure to have simply the right keywords and get increased leads and sales.


By Yvener Duroseau

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