Consultation & Audience Research

Consultation & Audience Research
We will do an Audit Review & Brand Analysis Report on your Socials + Competitors
12 Days Delivery

  • Page/Channel Evaluation
  • 2 Competitors Researched
The Ultimate Guide For Marketers - Measure & Benchmark - Accelerate your social efforts
When it comes to developing a digital strategy for your brand, an assessment of what you and your competitors are doing on Social Media is essential. It goes without saying that using data is a goldmine to extract insights.
Your Report includes
  • Facebook Audience Growth
  • Content Strategy
  • Fanpage Interaction
  •  Audience Demographics
  • Compare efforts against your competitors. Get an inside look at their activity
  • Get a glimpse of your competitors content performance, & engagement metrics,
Always, have with you the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW attitude for setting up clear goals in your digital marketing efforts
What do you want to achieve?  - Set the objectives.
Why do we need to get there?- Execute your strategy.
How do we get there?  - Define your tactics.
This is an essential Performance Report for evaluating your brand.